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Today Urban Agriculture is both a major trend in society and a rapidly developing industry. However, we believe that the growth of Urban Agriculture as an industry requires cross-functional cooperation, collaboration and exchange of ideas; consequently we are now establishing the Urban Agriculture Advisory Initiative. The UAAI is an international network of leading executives within governments, private sector, organizations and academia who share a strong desire for international advancement in the fields of urban agriculture and sustainable food systems.

The objective of the UAAI is to be a driving force in the advancement of sustainable urban agriculture ideas, technologies and solutions, and to foster co-operation between the different sectors and players involved in the industry. Hence, we would now like to invite individuals with qualifications to become members in the UAAI to influence this movement.

As a network, UAAI will work with governments, businesses, organizations, academic institutions and R&D centers to influence policies, plans and projects around the world. As a Member, you will have access to a unique network of senior executives and professionals involved in many of those decisions at the highest level and will be able to actively participate in the involvements together with stakeholders and decision-makers.


Some of the activities that Membership of the UAAI will encompass include:

  • Program: We have envisioned globally recognized individuals to contribute to the program content of UAAI network, in person or online in form of a lecture, speech and webinar. The preliminary content of the annual program will be set in advance containing keynote speakers, experts and lecturers.
  • Webinars: Four webinars per annum plus a physical gathering together with the Honorary Board members of Plantagon (twelve recognized individuals of the highest position within the industry).
  • Networking: Peer-to-Peer Networking and Discussion platforms, groups and forums.
  • Standardization influence: Standardization development with Swedish standard institute, SIS, European Committee for Standardization, CEN, and the International Standards Organization, ISO, in areas of ‘’Sustainable Urban Food Production’’, ‘’Sustainable Cities’’, ''Smart Cities'' and ‘’Sustainable Development in Communities’’.
  • Project Platform: Access to a virtual platform with function of global exchange of project development to promote expertise, find demanded capabilities and market insight for professional project development
  • R&D Partnership: Develop partnership with Academic Institutions and R&D centers
  • Knowledge Bank: Access to a unique bank on Research and Development Projects, Academic reports and scientific data 
  • VIP treatment: VIP pass to the Global Urban Agriculture Summit (GUAS) 
  • UAAI Journal: Receiving an exclusive seasonal Journal
  • Influence: Drive industry gatherings, influence vocabulary and define strategies


We believe a large part of our ability to influence development will come from the personal contacts and relationships that each Member of the Advisory Initiative shares with other members of the network. In order to ensure personal engagement and mutual trust from all Members, we have set a limit for the UAAI of no more than 101 Members.

Plantagon International Association will organize and facilitate the activities in the UAAI, manage and administer forums and discussion groups, orchestrate and host meetings and industry gatherings based on our program, Invites you to partake in international gatherings as panel members, provides UAAI members with VIP pass to Global Urban Agriculture Summit and last but not least, ensures regular communications with all UAAI members. 

In summary, people make the difference in any movement; especially when committed people with a right attitude work together. It once starts as an initial idea, generates a momentum and then leads to becoming a powerful international force. We sincerely believe individuals who possess the passion and share the ambition will be presented with many added values either generated from the network itself or it's membership package.

We look forward to your Membership Application and to welcoming you as a Member of the UAAI.

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