Sepehr Mousavi, Network Manager

Sepehr Mousavizadeh, Network Manager

Urban Agriculture Advisory Initiative's Network Manager is Sepehr Mousavi.

Sepehr as Plantagon's Sustainability Strategist works with development of frameworks for sustainable urban food production and implementation of innovative solutions in urban settings in a holistic perspective.

He is a sustainability professional competent within areas of multidisciplinary planning, urban ecology, standardization as well as QC and Agri-practices. Holding two Masters degrees in Agroecology and Business Administration, multinational background and working experiences; all together provide him with an overall and holistic understanding of our global sustainability challenges.

Sepehr joined Plantagon’s core team of professionals as an active member and ambassador and currently serves as Board Member of Plantagon Non-Profit Association.

He chairs the national technical committee of Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) on Sustainable Urban Food Production, is the chair to national technical committee on Sustainable and Smart Cities and Communities, works with European Committee for Standardization, CEN on Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities platform and holds a Chair with International Standard Organization, ISO as technical committee member on Sustainable Development in Communities.




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