Paul Lindvall, chairman of municipal council - City of Linköping

paul lindvall

Mr. Paul Lindvall is a Swedish Moderate Party politician and leader of the ruling right-center coalition in Linköping. He was elected chairman in the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Region’s democracy advisory committee in early 2015. Additionally, he is chairman in Europakorridoren AB, Stadshus AB as well as vice chairman for Ostlänken AB.
Lindvall started his political career in the municipality of Mjölby 1982 and moved on to working as a city council in Linköping in 1985.
Lindvall has pursued studies within political science and history, and has a business administration degree. He is currently on leave from his employment as a university lecturer in business administration at Linköping’s University.
It was in 2002 that Lindvall became the leading politician for the Moderate party. He failed to win the local election of Linköping in 2002 however succeeded to win the next election in 2006 and is now still in office.

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