Plantagon International Association:

Plantagon International Association is the non-profit body of Plantagon Companization, owner and stakeholder in Plantagon International AB. The Companization organizational model, a hybrid consisting of a non-profit body and a company under one ethical and economical framework, combines commercial driving forces with a value-based and sustainable vision in order to spearhead development of an institution towards maximum transparency, democracy, social responsibility and a long-term perspective.

Plantagon International Association works with the public’s interest in promotion of sustainable local food systems and urban agriculture as a foundation for both developed and developing countries to advance towards urban development and sustainability. Besides global food security issues, Plantagon as a member-based organization works with advancement of sustainable business models and corporate social responsibility, CSR.

Plantagon aims at leading the advancement within the fields of food safety, food security and urban agriculture through education, arrangement of seminars, partaking in conferences, publishing books and articles and development of projects. Plantagon also has a leading role in the development of new global standards for Urban Agriculture and is the founder and organizer of the international Urban Agriculture Advisory Initiative, UAAI.


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