Niklas Wennberg

 Niklas Wennberg

Niklas Wennberg, CEO of Stadsjord

Niklas Wennberg is a Swedish environmentalist who spent the last 25 years developing standards and models for urban and rural resilience with food as a key factor. Niklas has been engaged by SIDA (Swedish agency for foreign development) to introduce  ecolabelling of fish capture fisheries and aquaculture in ten Southeast Asian countries. He also chaired the process delivering the first ecolabelling system for fish from Nordic waters.

2008 Niklas decided to focus urban agriculture and skip the tie. He bought rubber boots in order to embrace policymaking as well as messy prototype workshops built up in urban reality – not in labs. For starters he and his team Stadsjord (Swedish for urban soil) gathered Christians, Jews, Muslims and together in 2009 they introduced the first inner city pigs in Göteborg. Now pigs converting lawns into kitchengardens is normality in urban Göteborg. Niklas and his Stadsjord-operation move on to new rubber-booty fields of engagement alongside with teaching at Göteborg University and Chalmers Architectures Masters program - Design for Sustainable Development. Niklas Wennberg and Stadsjord is also a natural partner to Mistra Urban Futures, an international center for sustainable urban development located in Gothenburg with interaction platforms in Cape Town, Kisumu, Manchester and Shanghai.

Summer 2014 Member of EU-parliament, Peter Eriksson, engaged Niklas Wennberg as key-expert in the project Refarm Europe. Same year Niklas engaged in the work to form Europes first standard for sustainable urban Agriculture.

Niklas Wennberg has been awarded Änglamarkspriset, Kaprifolpriset, Partilles Miljöpris for his work with sustainable food.


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