New Ideas for Feeding the Cities in 2050

Jan de wilt

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Recent UN estimates show that by 2050 the world’s population will increase by a major percent and exceed 9 billion people, of which 70% will by then be living in cities . When looking at the issue of food security against the background of a growing world population and urbanization, multiple issues arise.

This event will touch upon the environmental and social impacts of conventional food systems and will work towards a possible local solution for creating food security within the urban context, namely modern urban agriculture. Urban agriculture is defined as “a new industry located within or on the fringe of a town, a city or a metropolis, which grows or raises, processes and distributes a diversity of food and non-food products, (re-) using largely human, industrial and material resources, products and services found in and around that urban area, and in turn supplying human and material resources, products and services largely to that urban area ...


Keynote: Dr. Jan de Wilt, Agribusiness program manager, The Innovation network – Utrecht, The Netherlands

Dr. Jan de Wilt is Champion for sustainable agriculture at the Dutch innovation network, InnovatieNetwerk. His specialties are agriculture and agribusiness, industrial ecology, bio-based economy, animal integrity, marine production systems. Working experience in academia and public administration.

He is now involved in groundbreaking innovations in agriculture, agribusiness and rural areas. 

Industrial ecology is an important focus in his work de Wilt, at Innovation network he is responsible for Agroparks (industrial ecology in agriculture), Greenhouse Village (linking greenhouses and buildings to create new public utilities), Bioport (Rotterdam as main port for biomass), Marine Parks (multifunctional use of space at sea by combining energy infrastructure with aquaculture), Ecoferm (remediation of waste streams from farms and power plants by algae production) and Ecopyramid (multiple use of biomass aimed at eco-efficiency and value creation).




Ivan Björkman - OpenLab Stockholm, Executive Director

Stockholm is growing at a rapid pace and this presents numerous challenges with respect to finding sustainable solutions for the future in areas such as infrastructure, housing and the environment. The rapid growth also increases the need for new enterprises and organisations that work in a dynamic and innovative way to support the type of development the city and the region needs.

Openlab is a centre where students, educators and researchers from Karolinska Institutet medical university, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Södertörn University work with clients from the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council and Stockholm County Administrative Board. The goal is to find solutions to complex social issues through new forms of collaboration across the lines between traditional knowledge areas. Openlab offers a new way of learning new things in a partnership between various sectors of society; between different fields and professions; between medicine, engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, the humanities and the arts. 


Joakim Rytterborn - Plantagon, Head of R&D

Joakim Rytterborn leads Plantagon’s R&D processes, manages R&D organizations and ensures the transfer of new know-how and technology to staff, working-groups or departments. Joakim has a degree in Project Management from Umeå School of Business and Economics and extensive experiences as supervisor and project manager in innovative development and construction projects. As Head of R&D Joakim works with research, development and implementation of methods for growing food in closed loop systems, smart energy systems and reutilization of urban resources. His expertise includes integration of connected systems within urban functions e.g. surplus energy, heat spillage, water efficient techniques and reuse of organic waste. Joakim as Plantagon’s technical-challenge-solver has a unique understanding of practical settings and solutions in the urban agriculture arena.


Johan Jörgensen - Internet Society Special Interest Group (Internet of Food), Chairman

With 20+ years of experience in the Internet sector Johan coaches and invests in Internet companies with scalable and disruptive capabilities; but since a few years back he has gone all in on food. Solving the Big Question on how to feed soon 9 Billion people in a healthy and sustainable way demands all the innovation we can produce. When the biggest industry on the planet gets disrupted, times will be exciting! Johan works with Internet of Food (IoF) ... Where food and internet meet!

Mark Smith

Mark T. Smith - KTH, Professor

Mark Smith is a professor in the department of electronic systems at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH. Dr. Smith's research interests are in information technologies that make up future IT products, where products can be defined very broadly.

Sensors and their use in non-traditional ICT devices, Context aware systems, Power efficient system architectur and Processes for system level ICT product realization.


Moderator: Mr. Mats Hellström - Former Minister of Agriculture and Foreign Trade

Mats Hellström is Former Minister of Foreign Trade, European and Nordic Affairs and Agriculture in various Swedish Cabinets between 1983–1991 and 1994–1996. He served as Sweden’s Ambassador to Germany in 1996–2001 and Governor of the Province of Stockholm in 2002–2006. Within his work, Mats is devoted to the promotion of sustainable innovation.

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Hosts: Per Styregård - Food Workshop Manager OpenLab & Sepehr Mousavi - Network Manager, UAAI





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October 10, 2061 at 5pm - 8pm
Vallhallavägen 79 KTH
Stockholm 164 40
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