MIA KRISTIANSSON, Media Strategist

Mia Kristiansson, Senior Media Advisor

Mia Kristiansson is within delegations to the European Parliament with a focus to spread the interest for a common market in Sweden and especially for questions about how to survive as a farmer. Mia travelled as an ambassador with the Swedish sustainable cities delegation in 2011 which was planned by Business Sweden. The visited cities was Washington, Chicago, Warschaw, Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Santiago de Chile.

Mia has a background being the senior media adviser for Bonnier, Swedish Channel 5 as well as advisor at leading agencies specialized in advising significant media buyers. Mia has worked with media strategies for TV, multimedia, integrated communications and integrated marketing communications. She has a passion for media and media’s instrumental value in communications and operates and carries out analysis of media and communications through collecting, evaluating and analyzing large quantities of information.

Today, she is focused on creating scenarios for future media consumption, and describes media convergence in order to predict the development and establish a platform for communication strategies. Since 2011 Mia initiated and was part of editing books about the changing media scenario and the media market, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Within the work she was part of a EU project giving seminars about the digitalization of media and it's affects on how to act as marketer on this new scene. 

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