Matilda Olstorpe

Matilda Olstorpe is founder and CEO of the business group Vegafish

Matilda Olstorpe, CEO Vegafish

Matilda Olstorpe is the founder and CEO of the business group Vegafish - Development and production of sustainable land based shrimp farming systems based on microbial feed, probiotic and water purification consortia. She has an expert background in bioprocessing and biopreservation of animal feed and development of environmental friendly and sustainable microbial based protein feed to monogastric animals by transforming non-human food and rest products from industrial processes to a human food resource.

The growing global human population and concomitant increase in the demand for animal protein in daily diets has raised new environmental and economic issues surrounding animal production. Moreover, from the background of hunger in some parts of the world ethical concerns if it is right to feed food grade agricultural products to animals obtain more consideration. This has lead to a resurgence of interest in using SCP as an alternative protein source, especially within aquaculture.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Matilda Olstorpe is a Researcher in the Department of Microbiology at the Uppsala BioCenter of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). She has received SLU Silver Service medal, for services in further developing research of “useful” microbes to help solve global food problems. That same year, she was also Founder and CEO at MicProS AB, which tackles two of our major societal challenges, usage of resources and sustainable food production in one production system. Hence, transforms food waste to commercial protein base for fish feed, through a microbe-based fermentation process.

Here work with developing both Vegafish and MicProS has has resulted in multiple awards, Resource Efficiency prize, Green Innovation Contest, Sustainability Day. Innovation Contest ‘Smart Lunch’, and Warm Water Challenge, The Paper Province. Matilda Olstorpe is also Co-founder and board member of Aquaculture center east. Aquaculture center east develops a forum for the aquaculture industry, research organizations and public stakeholders for advocacy, information exchange, knowledge sharing and development.

She did her Doctoral dissertation – Microbiology, Feed grain improvement through biopreservation and bioprocessing microbial diversity, energy conservation and animal nutrition aspects in 2008 and has a Master of Science in Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, 2004 SLU. Matilda has also developed a system of adding biocontrol cultures (yeast, lactic acid bacteria) to cereal grain storage in Africa. Development of the low tech low cost system secures access to provisions by improving food/feed hygiene and nutritional aspects through sustainable biopreservation of cereal grain. Matilda would like to incorporate here environmental friendly land based Fish/Shrimp production in her work in Africa.
Matilda does a lot of interface work in different industrial/academia collaborations to jointly evolve and be mutually beneficial. - It is my strong believe that all research and development should assimilate the global habitat and this is attained trough collaborations.

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