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Marielle Dubbeling

Marielle Dubbeling is the Director of the RUAF Foundation-International network of Resource centres on Urban Agriculture and Food security. Marielle has long experience in policy advise and training on urban and periurban agriculture. Marielle currently coordinates the RUAF involvement in the UN Habitat programme on “Integrating urban and peri-urban agriculture and forestry in city climate change programmes” and acts as the research coordinator for a project on “Monitoring impacts of urban agriculture and forestry on climate change adaptation and mitigation”.

Since 1999, RUAF supports city and provincial governments around the world in urban and peri-urban agriculture and food systems planning and policy formulation. RUAF provides training and technical advice, policy support and implements pilot projects and action-research activities on urban and peri-urban agriculture and city region food systems. RUAF applies an integrated approach linking food systems to poverty alleviation, local economic development, resource recycling and climate change adaptation policies and programmes. RUAF published a wide variety of materials on the subject, including an online Urban Agriculture Magazine, policy briefs, research reports and working papers. For more information see:

In the past years, she served as the global coordinator of the RUAF From Seed to Table Programme (2009-2011) promoting sustainable short value chain development in and financing for urban agriculture in 17 cities around the world and was the policy adviser in the RUAF Cities Farming for the Future Programme that supported 20 cities around the world in developing municipal programmes and policies on urban agriculture. Before joining RUAF she worked with the UN HABITAT Urban Management Programme in Latin America, where she supported the development of municipal programmes on urban agriculture in cities in Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and Cuba.

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