Annika Grälls, Senior Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advisor at Örebro University

 Annika gralls

Ms. Annika Grälls is the CEO of Ba Grälls AB, a consulting company focused on concept development and project management. She is a Senior Advisor at Örebro University for Innovation and Entrepreneurship regarding food within the department of External Relations.
Grälls has acted as Project or Concept Manager for a variety of large events. She engaged in developing ideas, concepts and implementation of initiations for the National Police Agency’s new museum at Gärdet, Sweden, and also developed a concept together with the Nobel Museum for the project “Meals, Creativity and Science” on how meals have played important roles for Nobel Laureates’ creativity. From 2011-2014, she worked as the Executive Manager for Måltidsriket, an association that aimed at increasing economic growth for the food industry. She participated in the National Heritage Board from 1995-2000 as Assistant Manager and Branch Head Manager.  
Over fifteen books are published in her name with subjects ranging from food to history to soccer and she has several registered innovations. “Arenamat” (arena food) is a new design and structure for the sale of food at stadiums, trade shows and concerts and “A meal in time” is a food packaging sold to restaurants, exhibitions and concerts. Her résumé also includes her branded innovation “Tidsmärken” (time marks), where art is placed in urban environments as a means to portray the city’s history, which was implemented in Arboga, Sweden in 2006.

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